One Dream, Many Voices

Shana d'Tharashk's visions.

Draac rhakaar or akec shakhaah daan okekaan shor okaan huugaan.

  • (Dhakaani Goblin: Deep beneath our ancient capital the engines churn once more)

Burz-hai bubhosh-ishi. Gimbatuluk agh ghash-uk.

  • (Orcish: Dark beings in the great tower. Find them all and burn them)

Mol’m thos shyrys shaelyl sai eires m’thar

Caes osa pos’el jhastael os varol

Oli ialaeror byodaer

Oli shyli byshyjael

Syl jolol os taraes eisi malaer

Ail paer saes malaer eisi thaer

  • (Elven: Spring’s first blossoms beckon to autumn’s fall. / Hear our dirge and lament our passing. / Once united, now divided. / Once whole, now broken. / Though living, our masters are slaves. / In death, their slaves are free.)

Mai ry-ved een ky-el thi-hru gan-i di-go oh-thi tah-no. My-un ah-raath veh-di gvin-oid bah-ren i-thai vin-thi grym i-zod thrai.

  • (Argon: The insects are being corrupted by the wrath from underneath. Another has made a bargain to use the power of the Dragon Below)

Mai zin-thun in-ohl. By-eth gvin-ide Khyber ien thos-i ahr-a-teer.

  • (Argon: All according to plan. Khyber’s blood will burn the land)

Permoveo nostrum copiae copie inter nostrum facundia. Proventus munimentum quod instruo pro bellum.

  • (Old Galifarian: Move our forces around our resources. Increase the defenses and prepare for war.)



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