Mystery! Mayhem! Mournland!

Cyre is no more. But what remains?

After setting out from Newthrone, our heroes received contact from their illustrious benefactor: Koleb d’Tharashk, the head of the Twelve. They were to be joined by a fellow celebrity globetrotter – one Nuada d’Orien, the bearer of the Great Weapon of Passage.
Using dangerous and impressive magics, the newest member of our intrepid icons arrived aboard the Tyren in a tearing and rending of the sky itself!
Welcomed in good form, the newly increased crew set sail to the very boundaries of the Mournland itself.

Weighing anchor over the northeastern Talenta Plains, Captain Karik d’Lyrandar and Mssrs. d’Cannith, d’Orien, and d’Sivis all embarked on a trip through the dead-grey mists of the former Cyran border. Flying low aboard the Captain’s Yacht, they made good time into the eerily empty and creepily calm capital of Cyre.
Metrol remained mostly intact, though not all the buildings were in full form or indeed where they were last left.
Our heroes made haste to the Cannith enclave and to the Creation Forge housed in the basement. There they discovered that it had been corrupted and before investigation could be concluded, were set upon by several Warforged!

Three Stormforged and two Flameforged joined battle with our adventurous avengers and lashes of lightning and fingers of fire filled the air!
Once the skirmish was over, Mssr. d’Cannith fully examined the Creation Forge and discovered that something ill had befallen it, as it was producing inferior and oddly formed weapons. Purging the patterns from it and resetting the schema in their places, he sent message to Koleb d’Tharashk and Merrix d’Cannith both: Reporting and requesting a team of Cannith artificers to see what could be done.

In a matter of a day or two, the Cannith team arrived. The Creation Forge was reset and flawless swords were created as a test. When a forge-helper homunculus was made, however, it was aberrant and killed two artificers in a literally bloodthirsty fury!
Reasoning that it was the effect of the Mournland causing this aberration, the Creation Forge was relocated to the forbidden thirteenth floor of the Tower of the Twelve, hovering over Korth.

Merrix returned to lead Cannith South in Sharn, while Hainsleigh Morvan d’Cannith remained behind to set up the Creation Forge.
Plans are afoot to illegally restart the forge to build a new Warforged army to stand against the mighty force found beneath Sharn. Boneforged and Woodforged have been suggested as cheaper alternatives in a time when resources are scarce.
Koleb has promised to beggar himself if need be to find more materials.

Our heroes go now to meet with Count Vedim ir’Omek, the Karrnathi Minister of the Dead. Tentative plans also have been made to travel to Riedra to make a bargain for minerals.



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