Meetings: Kings & Immortal God-Dragons?

Newthrone, Q’barra. Once merely a symbol of the past locked in a never-ending struggle against the hardship of frontier life. Now a symbol of the future, and progress!

Since House Ahvaar decided to put their headquarters here, in payment for the welcome that their Riedran kin-folk received, Newthrone has almost doubled in population. A Lyrandar tower has been constructed and other Houses are starting to pay attention.

Why, if only House Orien would rise to the challenge of connecting the Lightning Rail from Gatherhold! After all, it is only five hundred miles of dinosaur-infested plains, scorching desert, impassable mountains, and savage swampland!

Our genteel heroes arrived on the rugged frontier and, upon invitation, dined with King Sebastes ir’Kesslan in Newthrone Keep. Hearty, rustic food and company with a pleasant mix of formality and informality. Discussions went on into the evening regarding expansion and the techniques required to expand.

In the morning of the second of Dravago, the Tyren set off once more – this time to the foot of Haka’torvhak: The Throne of Holy Dragons. On arrival, it was noted that it seemed a touch more hellish than it had before. So too did Rhashaak himself, shrouded in ash and smoke, eyes blazing with infernal power, he nonetheless assisted our heroes by answering a few questions.
All for the measly price of a prayer of obeisance from Karik, whom he referred to as “brother” in the profane Abyssal tongue.

Just as Calvin “Cal” d’Medani took a leap of faith into the magma to retrieve the Axe of Warding and unknowingly aided Rhashaak by removing one of the bonds that held him back, another came to the volcano and removed an enormous khyber shard. This freed Rhashaak to fully benefit from the prayers of his minions and to draw even more fiends to his side from Fernia and Mabar.

Rhashaak told them of that, and also told them that the two draconic voices in Shana’s vision were those of Yllosavax of the Chamber and Timarat of the Light of Siberys. He also told them that his plans did not include Khorvaire, but that instead his “brother” and companions could feel free to visit him at his throne in Argonessen to speak of old times.

After this news, our heroes departed: Returning to report to King Sebastes and to travel to their next destination.
When we last saw these determined adventurers, they were sailing toward the dead-grey mists of the Mournland, plotting a course to see what has happened to Metrol, and if a Creation Forge yet exists there.



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