Disaster Strikes Argent Brook!

by Sauvign d'Sivis

8 Eyre, 1002 YK

Last night at the Spring Soiree: Murder Most Foul Strikes Argent Brook. A pleasant social engagement turned deadly as an assassin murdered Lord Kenth ir’Kenthi in a blaze of unholy fire before summoning flaming warriors from the sky! These flaming warriors destroyed Argent Brook Manor by burning it in Fire So Hot it Melted Stone!

If not for Stalwart Heroes we would be Quite Dead today. Is war Arising Once Again?

Your Humble Servant, Sauvign d’Sivis, Editor-in-Chief, Korranberg Chronicle Aundair Office.


For the sake of argument (and not at all because I happen to have devoted a ton of time into creating them as new monsters), let us call the shapeshifting assassin warforged Fleshforged *and the flying destroyers *Flameforged.

Disaster Strikes Argent Brook!

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