Chaos at the Aberrant Scar!

Divining correctly that the Shadow Marches were the site of some Warforged shenanigans, our intrepid heroes set off at once from Sharn!
Stopping only to pick up a native guide from House Tharashk, they proceeded to set right a Dhakaani shrine at the ruins known as Cursehold (for the propensity of explorers to be set asleep until they wither and die) and received the blessings of the warrior spirits of that ancient and noble empire.

Deeper into the swamps they went, until they encountered an unusual tower. Windowless and with only one entry it was. They entered and began a whirlwind battle through multiple chambers linked only by random portals.
The odds against them by means of Deathforged and Stoneforged troops and a veritable Horde of Warforged Grunts, not to mention the acidic and highly toxic gases rising from fissures in the ground, our heroes fought off their foes and emerged victorious!

An explosion shattered the tower and rocked the landscape, causing the tower to burn down, fall over, and sink into the swamp!



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