Warforged are roughly human-sized sapient constructs that were developed by House Cannith during the closing decades of the Last War. The basic Warforged soldier is made of metal or composite plating over a fibrous wooden/leather skeleton. They have a kind of oil in place of blood and no brain per se, although the head is, in all standard Warforged, where the identity and personality is bound.

Two other types of Warforged were created during the Last War.

  • Warforged Scout: A smaller, halfing/gnome sized Warforged built for fast engagements and infiltration. These were constructed in far fewer numbers due to being inappropriate for front line combat.
  • Warforged Titan: These are massive walking siege weapons, capable of carving a swathe through troops and fortifications alike. Not truly sapient, they required handlers and are barely more cognizant than a golem. Due to the incredible cost and their limited usefulness, also very few of these were constructed. Shuffled quietly away as unsightly reminders of the devastation of the Last War, it is likely that fewer than 50 survive.

Recently, several new types of Warforged have been revealed to Eberron.

  • Deathforged: These are horrifying insubstantial Warforged constructed entirely of shadow. They can drift through walls and fly, as well move more silently than a gentle breeze. The Deathforged are not the most brilliant tacticians, but they are experts at identifying weakness and capitalizing on it. Also the Deathforged are heavily resistant to damage and the shadows rapidly close any wounds they might receive.
  • Flameforged: Slightly less bulky than a standard Warforged, the Flameforged have rings of elemental fire around their wrists, waists, and ankles. These rings, combined with soarwood interior fibres, allow them to fly at great speed as well as to discharge bolts and sheets of fire from their hands. Their armored plating is tinted orange and shimmers with heat. Along with what can only be called the standard model, eyewitness reports detail a larger, more heavily-armored Flameforged capable of projecting a rapid flurry of bolts that ignite and then detonate. The larger variant has much bulkier shoulder and neck armor as well as more intense elemental rings. It is presumed that they function as some kind of combat leader.
  • Fleshforged: A slender internal skeleton with minimal plating is surrounded by a fleshy simulacrum through which flows a blood substitute. This fleshy exterior is able to be manipulated with amazing dexterity, allowing the Fleshforged to take the appearance of any being of near-human stature. This includes the ability to perfectly mimic the form of unique individuals. As Warforged were constructed with inherent tactical ability and the capacity to quickly adapt to changing strategy, so it seems these Fleshforged are created with the ability to deceive and adapt to social situations.
  • Stoneforged: Living construct siege weapons able to move through solid stone, albeit slowly. They wield mighty pick-hammers and can devastate fortifications by manipulation of the earth itself. Ponderous but deadly, these Warforged can pick foes up and hurl them through the air to crash against walls or other creatures. In appearance, they are hulking monstrosities constructed of stone and metal, heavier and bulkier in all aspects than a standard model Warforged.
  • Stormforged: Able to fly and to channel lightning through their mauls, these Warforged unleash peals of thunder with their blows and are capable of making sweeping strikes to crash against multiple foes. Plated in crackling blue steel with vanes that spark with electricity, these menacing troopers are implacable and unrelenting.

The precise methods of their construction are unknown. What is known is that there is no way they can have been created without a Cannith Creation Forge and that such a powerful eldritch machine cannot be operated by anyone who does not bear the Mark of Making.


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