The Aurum

The Aurum is a collection of wealthy and powerful individuals of the Five Nations. Founded in the Mror Holds by some of the richest members of dwarven clans, the Aurum is now a continent-spanning institution. The Golden Vault, in Krona Peak, is the headquarters of the Aurum.

There are four Concords within the Aurum: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Copper Concord is made up of minor guildmasters and bureaucrats. The Silver Concord has merchant princes, wealthy celebrities, and low-to-moderately ranked Dragonmarked scions. The Gold Concord consists of heirs to noble houses and Dragonmarked leaders while the Platinum Concord is reserved for only the richest, most aggressive and ambitious of those.

The Platinum Concord is headed by Chancellor Antus ir’Soldorak, an aging dwarf with a reputation for ruthless business acumen.

Each Concordian, no matter what rank, is identified by the eight rings they wear – one on each finger – made out of the corresponding metal to their Concord. Each ring is worth about ten coins of the metal from which it is made.

Aside from the tales of avarice and ambition, there are also persistant rumours that the Aurum includes crime lords and robber barons in its number.

The Aurum

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