Resource Points

Paragon tier PCs should be wealthy and influential, particularly as highly placed members of the Dragonmarked houses. I am instituting a simple abstract resource mechanic so that the game does not need to get slowed to a halt by accounting.

  • 1 Resource Point = A Standard Resource. e.g. Purchase and upkeep of a nice house.
  • 3 Resource Points = A Luxury Resource. e.g. A large and expensive house.
  • 9 Resource Points = An Extravagant Resource. e.g. A mansion in the city or a large estate.

At 11th level, each PC will have 10 Resource Points. The Paragon segment of the campaign begins a little over two years after the last game we played, so that should be plenty of time for your PCs to acquire investments and contacts.

Resource Points will be awarded for significant victories for your house and will be handed out at a rate of 1/month of game time regardless.

As a few examples: A PC is using 1 Resource Point to purchase an apartment in Upper Dura, an upper-middle class neighborhood of Sharn. He is using the remaining 9 Points to obtain a customized elemental airship from his Dragonmarked house. Another PC has used 1 Resource Point to take a lease out on an alchemist’s laboratory, ensuring that he is able to stock up on common alchemical items between adventures.

Please give me your lists for final approval, as there may be some things you cannot get through wealth and indirect influence alone. Also; please remember this is an abstract system, so don’t be concerned with the monetary value of Resources outside of a broad rule of thumb.

Resource Points

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