Prince's Auction

When Prince Kolberkon announced through underground channels that he had several items of nearly incalculable value to sell, there was naturally a fair amount of interest once his claim had been verified. It was then revealed that it would be an auction; but not an auction of the traditional kind. In fact, it was more akin to a supplication. The powerful bidders would come before the Prince and disclose to him the terms of their bid and he would simply choose which he like the best.

The initial participants in the auction was a small group of elite personages representing vast interests. They were:

  • Boz K’Ran – Representing the Llesh Haruuc of Darguun
  • Calvin d’Medani & Co. – Representing Koleb d’Tharashk
  • The Emerald Marshal – Representing the Order of the Emerald Claw
  • Prophet – Representing the Lord of Blades
  • Ressan Ahvaar – Representing the Riedran Empire
  • Sarah – Representing the Empress Donata
  • Tairella d’Cannith – Representing the Twelve and the Dragonmarked houses
  • Valena Lian Doresh – Representing the Fortress of Fading Dreams

Through deals and deception Boz K’Ran (historical artefacts destroyed by Prophet), Prophet (killed by Boz K’Ran’s troops), and Ressan (guaranteed support of the Twelve in dealing with the Dragonmarked houses) did not participate in the final auction. Calvin d’Medani and company agreed to throw their bid in alongside Tairella d’Cannith’s bid to supplement it if necessary, otherwise to secure any one of the items they can.

Lorrican (the Khoravar Master of Ceremonies and Auctioneer) introduced each item.

  1. Half of the Blade of Shadow; a sickle-like dagger intended to interlock with the other piece to make a pincer shaped weapon.
  2. The Rapier of Passage; sharp and elegant, though not overly ornate.
  3. The Dagger of Scribing; lightly curved, with a beveled edge for best preparing parchment and scrolls.
  4. The Mace of Will; a heavy flanged mace of black steel.
  5. Navigator’s divider; powerfully magical but identifiably so.
  6. Warforged hand/battlefist (badly damaged); very old and clutching a broken shard of translucent white crystal.

Final Results

  • Calvin d’Medani & Co. offered one million golden Galifars for the Mace of Will.
  • Tairella d’Cannith offered full enclaves in Port Verge in each of five Dragonmarked houses for the Rapier of Passage and the Dagger of Scribing.
  • Valena Lian Doresh offered immortality for the Blade of Shadow.
  • A Masked Stranger offered an unknown bid for the divider and the warforged fist.
  • Sarah and the Emerald Marshal, visibly angry with the results of the auction, left together and appeared to be be in discussion of a deal between their respective masters.

Prince's Auction

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