It may seem that the elemental vessels of House Lyrandar get all the glory, but the truth is that they carry only a very small percentage of passengers and cargo from place to place.

House Orien’s Lightning Rail is less direct than an airship, but it makes up for this in several ways.

  1. Frequency: The lightning rail carriages make regular runs on the main lines, often twice daily.
  2. Price: Orien’s fares are much, much lower than House Lyrandar!
  3. Speed: The Lightning Rail covers ground at half again the pace that an airship can make.
  4. Capacity: Any individual carriage can carry almost as much as an entire airship.

House Orien also manages the Orien caravan system. This is responsible for light and fast cargo and passenger transport off the Lightning Rail, and is even more affordable.

Looking even further forward into the future, House Orien is now developing teleportation, though the techniques are experimental and still quite unpredictable.

Magebred horses as well as regular mounts and flying beasts are available for purchase from House Vadalis for the traveler who wishes a more independent mode of transport.


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