House Ahvaar

House Ahvaar is the newest of the Dragonmarked houses and its scions bear the Mark of Will. The Baroness of the House is Lady Teldra d’Ahvaar, whose full title is “Lady Teldra, the Light of Dar Vuleer, Seventh Scion of the Mistress of the Waters, Bearer of the Chalice of Eternity.”

The house has its headquarters in the Riedran city of Dar Vuleer, but little is known about the interior of Sarlona so even something as simple as the city’s location is unknown to outsiders. Out of respect and a slightly perverse sense of humor, Ressan arranged for the main Khorvese enclave to be situated in Newthrone, Q’barra – as thanks for being trusted to help the Q’barran people.

Ressan d’Ahvaar is the house representative in Khorvaire and not incidentally the first bearer of the Mark of Will.

In the last two years, House Ahvaar has created two guilds.
  • The Helpers Guild: Specializing in curing mental ailments and providing counselling and mediation.
  • The Spirit Guides: Usually traveling alone, Spirit Guides provide a service of exorcism and banishment of malevolent spirits. They are also able to be employed to cleanse a site of unrest.

House Ahvaar

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