Forest's Edge

Forest’s Edge, Breland.
Population: 508
Mayor: Ernest Turling.

Forest’s Edge is a tiny, completely self-sufficient village on the northern side of the Dragonwood in north-central Breland. It is over one hundred miles away from each of the great trade roads to the west and north-east and rarely is a stranger ever seen. The closest town is Woodhelm, which is eighty miles away as the crow flies.
The primary industries are farming and hunting.

Forest’s Edge was largely unaffected by both the Last War and the most recent conflict against the warforged armies. The last official contact Forest’s Edge has had with the Brelish Crown was over fifty years ago when the mid-war census came through, assigning names to the draft lottery. Any monies earned by people of the village are dutifully recorded by the mayor’s wife. Taxes are calculated meticulously and are sent to Woodhelm annually, carried through the Dragonwood by a small party that goes to trade.
Until the opening of the village tavern, however, very little actual money changed hands between villagers as most inhabitants grow and raise their own food and goods, trading mostly only for variety. Even now, Ms. Danners happily accepts barter in lieu of currency at her tavern.

From time to time, the village militia (consisting of hunters and led by the blacksmith) have to fend off rabid or starving beasts. Less frequent are raids by desperate bandits, themselves on the edge of starvation. Even so, only the very youngest of children in Forest’s Edge have no memory at all of some kind of alarm being raised calling the militia to defend the village.
Once in a while, someone will raise the idea of raising a palisade around the village centre, but each time it is deemed to be a needless waste of effort. After all, the bandits and wild beasts have never been that much trouble.

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Forest's Edge

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