Heroic Tier Synopsis

A small group of employees of the Acquisitions Directorate were tasked with tracking a squad of Thranite commandos who had stolen a nobleman’s heirloom sword. Eventually the sword was revealed to be one of thirteen great weapons created by an ancient draconic artificer and the adventurers then set about tracking down the others.

All thirteen weapons have now found their way into the hands of the destined wielders, including the Great Weapon of the Mark of Will – the new thirteenth mark.

Argent Brook Dinner Soiree

Kenjin and Berala Charette d’Orien are hosting a small gathering to be held at the Argent Brook Estate (Now razed by fiery attack).

Their guest list is as follows:

  • Sauvign d’Sivis – Editor-in-chief of the Aundair branch of the Korranberg Chronicle. (Male gnome)
  • Carina d’Vadalis – Breeder and trainer of champion magebred horses. (Female human)
  • Vanson d’Kundarak – President of the Fairhaven Kundarak Bank. (Male dwarf)
  • Irielle d’Phiarlan – Coloratura. Prima soprano of the Royal Aundair Opera Society. (Female elf)
  • Shana d’Tharashk- Seeker of Dragonshards using new scrying techniques. (Female half-orc)
  • Hakim d’Ghallanda – Maestro of pastry. Khorvaire-renowned chef. (Male halfling)
  • Kenth ir’KenthiMurdered by a shapechanging warforged. Powerful lord in southern Aundair. Prior owner of Glorious Radiance. (Male human)
  • Cardinal Merrin – Ambitious and progressive Bishop of the Silver Flame. (Male Human)
  • Karik d’Lyrandar – Bearer of the Blade of Storms. Airship pilot and celebrity. (Male khoravar)
  • Jevresh Highthorn d’Cannith – Escaped the Mourning. Politically ambitious curiosity. (Male human)
  • Alston d’Sivis – Gnomish tinkerer. Well known for work within the Zil artifice scene. (Male gnome)
Disaster Strikes Argent Brook!
by Sauvign d'Sivis

8 Eyre, 1002 YK

Last night at the Spring Soiree: Murder Most Foul Strikes Argent Brook. A pleasant social engagement turned deadly as an assassin murdered Lord Kenth ir’Kenthi in a blaze of unholy fire before summoning flaming warriors from the sky! These flaming warriors destroyed Argent Brook Manor by burning it in Fire So Hot it Melted Stone!

If not for Stalwart Heroes we would be Quite Dead today. Is war Arising Once Again?

Your Humble Servant, Sauvign d’Sivis, Editor-in-Chief, Korranberg Chronicle Aundair Office.

The Road to War?

With the revelation of two new breeds of Warforged, it seems that someone has their eye on taking Khorvaire by storm. As the news spreads, so too does turmoil: Within the Dragonmarked houses, the Five Nations, and beyond.

Tension rises as the nations start to blame each other for either harboring the means to create new Warforged or simply for not being vigilant enough to have prevented this situation. The Five Nations and the Dragonmarked houses all turn a wary eye on House Cannith and the gnomes of Zilargo. Everyone is acutely aware that Warforged and elemental binding lies within their purview.

One Dream, Many Voices
Shana d'Tharashk's visions.

Draac rhakaar or akec shakhaah daan okekaan shor okaan huugaan.

  • (Dhakaani Goblin: Deep beneath our ancient capital the engines churn once more)

Burz-hai bubhosh-ishi. Gimbatuluk agh ghash-uk.

  • (Orcish: Dark beings in the great tower. Find them all and burn them)

Mol’m thos shyrys shaelyl sai eires m’thar

Caes osa pos’el jhastael os varol

Oli ialaeror byodaer

Oli shyli byshyjael

Syl jolol os taraes eisi malaer

Ail paer saes malaer eisi thaer

  • (Elven: Spring’s first blossoms beckon to autumn’s fall. / Hear our dirge and lament our passing. / Once united, now divided. / Once whole, now broken. / Though living, our masters are slaves. / In death, their slaves are free.)

Mai ry-ved een ky-el thi-hru gan-i di-go oh-thi tah-no. My-un ah-raath veh-di gvin-oid bah-ren i-thai vin-thi grym i-zod thrai.

  • (Argon: The insects are being corrupted by the wrath from underneath. Another has made a bargain to use the power of the Dragon Below)

Mai zin-thun in-ohl. By-eth gvin-ide Khyber ien thos-i ahr-a-teer.

  • (Argon: All according to plan. Khyber’s blood will burn the land)

Permoveo nostrum copiae copie inter nostrum facundia. Proventus munimentum quod instruo pro bellum.

  • (Old Galifarian: Move our forces around our resources. Increase the defenses and prepare for war.)
We Are Legion

Deep beneath Sharn, in a series of cavernous chambers connected to the lava pits of the Cogs, a massive host of Warforged have been discovered. They are arming and seem to be awaiting an order to move out.

There are twenty full legions arrayed in an improbably large cavern containing the slag remnants of an illegal Creation Forge.

Koleb d’Tharashk has been warned, Baron Merrix d’Cannith has been notified, and the Dragonmarked Heirs have sent a newly crafted Warforged-style sword to Korth to be tested by the artificers of the Twelve.

Such a force, armed and shielded, can only be for one purpose: WAR.

Chaos at the Aberrant Scar!

Divining correctly that the Shadow Marches were the site of some Warforged shenanigans, our intrepid heroes set off at once from Sharn!
Stopping only to pick up a native guide from House Tharashk, they proceeded to set right a Dhakaani shrine at the ruins known as Cursehold (for the propensity of explorers to be set asleep until they wither and die) and received the blessings of the warrior spirits of that ancient and noble empire.

Deeper into the swamps they went, until they encountered an unusual tower. Windowless and with only one entry it was. They entered and began a whirlwind battle through multiple chambers linked only by random portals.
The odds against them by means of Deathforged and Stoneforged troops and a veritable Horde of Warforged Grunts, not to mention the acidic and highly toxic gases rising from fissures in the ground, our heroes fought off their foes and emerged victorious!

An explosion shattered the tower and rocked the landscape, causing the tower to burn down, fall over, and sink into the swamp!

Meetings: Kings & Immortal God-Dragons?

Newthrone, Q’barra. Once merely a symbol of the past locked in a never-ending struggle against the hardship of frontier life. Now a symbol of the future, and progress!

Since House Ahvaar decided to put their headquarters here, in payment for the welcome that their Riedran kin-folk received, Newthrone has almost doubled in population. A Lyrandar tower has been constructed and other Houses are starting to pay attention.

Why, if only House Orien would rise to the challenge of connecting the Lightning Rail from Gatherhold! After all, it is only five hundred miles of dinosaur-infested plains, scorching desert, impassable mountains, and savage swampland!

Our genteel heroes arrived on the rugged frontier and, upon invitation, dined with King Sebastes ir’Kesslan in Newthrone Keep. Hearty, rustic food and company with a pleasant mix of formality and informality. Discussions went on into the evening regarding expansion and the techniques required to expand.

In the morning of the second of Dravago, the Tyren set off once more – this time to the foot of Haka’torvhak: The Throne of Holy Dragons. On arrival, it was noted that it seemed a touch more hellish than it had before. So too did Rhashaak himself, shrouded in ash and smoke, eyes blazing with infernal power, he nonetheless assisted our heroes by answering a few questions.
All for the measly price of a prayer of obeisance from Karik, whom he referred to as “brother” in the profane Abyssal tongue.

Just as Calvin “Cal” d’Medani took a leap of faith into the magma to retrieve the Axe of Warding and unknowingly aided Rhashaak by removing one of the bonds that held him back, another came to the volcano and removed an enormous khyber shard. This freed Rhashaak to fully benefit from the prayers of his minions and to draw even more fiends to his side from Fernia and Mabar.

Rhashaak told them of that, and also told them that the two draconic voices in Shana’s vision were those of Yllosavax of the Chamber and Timarat of the Light of Siberys. He also told them that his plans did not include Khorvaire, but that instead his “brother” and companions could feel free to visit him at his throne in Argonessen to speak of old times.

After this news, our heroes departed: Returning to report to King Sebastes and to travel to their next destination.
When we last saw these determined adventurers, they were sailing toward the dead-grey mists of the Mournland, plotting a course to see what has happened to Metrol, and if a Creation Forge yet exists there.

Mystery! Mayhem! Mournland!
Cyre is no more. But what remains?

After setting out from Newthrone, our heroes received contact from their illustrious benefactor: Koleb d’Tharashk, the head of the Twelve. They were to be joined by a fellow celebrity globetrotter – one Nuada d’Orien, the bearer of the Great Weapon of Passage.
Using dangerous and impressive magics, the newest member of our intrepid icons arrived aboard the Tyren in a tearing and rending of the sky itself!
Welcomed in good form, the newly increased crew set sail to the very boundaries of the Mournland itself.

Weighing anchor over the northeastern Talenta Plains, Captain Karik d’Lyrandar and Mssrs. d’Cannith, d’Orien, and d’Sivis all embarked on a trip through the dead-grey mists of the former Cyran border. Flying low aboard the Captain’s Yacht, they made good time into the eerily empty and creepily calm capital of Cyre.
Metrol remained mostly intact, though not all the buildings were in full form or indeed where they were last left.
Our heroes made haste to the Cannith enclave and to the Creation Forge housed in the basement. There they discovered that it had been corrupted and before investigation could be concluded, were set upon by several Warforged!

Three Stormforged and two Flameforged joined battle with our adventurous avengers and lashes of lightning and fingers of fire filled the air!
Once the skirmish was over, Mssr. d’Cannith fully examined the Creation Forge and discovered that something ill had befallen it, as it was producing inferior and oddly formed weapons. Purging the patterns from it and resetting the schema in their places, he sent message to Koleb d’Tharashk and Merrix d’Cannith both: Reporting and requesting a team of Cannith artificers to see what could be done.

In a matter of a day or two, the Cannith team arrived. The Creation Forge was reset and flawless swords were created as a test. When a forge-helper homunculus was made, however, it was aberrant and killed two artificers in a literally bloodthirsty fury!
Reasoning that it was the effect of the Mournland causing this aberration, the Creation Forge was relocated to the forbidden thirteenth floor of the Tower of the Twelve, hovering over Korth.

Merrix returned to lead Cannith South in Sharn, while Hainsleigh Morvan d’Cannith remained behind to set up the Creation Forge.
Plans are afoot to illegally restart the forge to build a new Warforged army to stand against the mighty force found beneath Sharn. Boneforged and Woodforged have been suggested as cheaper alternatives in a time when resources are scarce.
Koleb has promised to beggar himself if need be to find more materials.

Our heroes go now to meet with Count Vedim ir’Omek, the Karrnathi Minister of the Dead. Tentative plans also have been made to travel to Riedra to make a bargain for minerals.

To Sarlona and Beyond!
Around the Dragon Between.

Early in the month of Dravago, our heroes spoke to Count Vedim ir’Omek (the Karrnathi Minister of the Dead) about the feasibility of raising undead legions, new and old. He promised to look into it and the Tyren set sail for Sharn to make final preparations for the impending voyage across the Barren Sea.

Supplies and passengers obtained, including Dragonmarked representatives, four magebred gryphons, and a breeding pair of hardy magebred cattle, the airship set out across the broad expanse of ocean on a two week non-stop journey.
Land was sighted at long last and the glittering city of Dar Jin came into view. The Tyren docked at the optimistically-built Lyrandar tower, the first vessel ever to do so!
Contacts were made, enclaves visited, news relayed from home.

Obtaining an audience with Xan Tesh was simple enough and from there our heroes had to wait while he brought their plea before his superiors.
While waiting, Jevresh made contact with Varok, a Darguun smith making Dhakaani style blades far superior to the Cannith standard, and offered him an opportunity to make more money in Khorvaire as well.

Xan Tesh came back to them with a surprising offer: Lady Teldra wished to speak with them personally at her palace in Dar Vuleer – a thousand miles within the Riedran border!
The Tyren was appointed with a Riedran guide and set off once more, this time across the never-before-seen Riedran interior.

The audience with Lady Teldra went well, and for the cost of speeding the ratification of some trade and diplomatic concessions, the brave adventurers were given a contract for thousands of tonnes of iron and copper and an invitation to inspect a mine facility in the Frostwall Mountains to the south.
Flying up to the mine and disembarking, our heroes discovered that it was neatly put away and very clean – aside from the large splashes of old blood everywhere.
Exploring, a mind flayer and some dolgrimm and dolgarr were found to be dominated into submission and subserviently working the mine. It appeared that a Khyber incursion had occurred and the aberrations had killed the miners only to be themselves suppressed by Riedran forces.
Nonetheless, it was deemed to be a suitable site for expansion by both sides: Far from Khorvaire and constraints of the Korth Edict and Thronehold Accord, but also close-by to Dar Vuleer and under the watchful eye of the Lady Teldra.

With that sorted, our heroes returned to Khorvaire, this time by way of the Lhazaar Sea, becoming the first to circumnavigate the globe!


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