Vothan d'Lyrandar

Male. 6'3" Horribly scarred. Hacking cough. Distant eyes.


Lyrandar Skypilot.


Vothan was once an ambitious young Khoravar. He was so well-respected within the House that his petition to captain an airship very early on in their development was eagerly accepted and he was known far and wide as a dashing hero of the sky!

The airship was a beauty indeed and he and the “Gryphon’s Grace” had many adventures together. His love of action was to be his downfall. He and his mighty ship both suffered grievously during the Last War, each becoming as battle-worn and scarred as the other.

Renaming his poorly repaired prototype vessel “Death and Dishonor” he adventures still, sailing the skies of Khorvaire in his cursed airship, bound to her by ties no weaker than those that bind her elemental.

Vothan d'Lyrandar

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