Tierek ir'Branden

Male. 56 years old. 6'5" and powerfully muscled. Black hair. Stubble. Grim face.


Tierek a.k.a The Wraith is the leader of Ghost Squad, a Thranite irregular light infantry team. With his squad, the Wraith stole an important sword from an Aundairan noble by the name of Kenth ir’Kenthi. The sword was called “Glorious Radiance” (Huugen Karthekaan in Dhakaani Goblin) and turned out to have been forged around an even older weapon known as “Chimera’s Fang”. Chimera’s Fang itself was then discovered to be the Great Weapon of the Mark of Sentinel.

Tierek was eventually captured in Stormreach while trying to make an appointment with his buyers and has since been held for trial and sentencing.

Tierek ir'Branden

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