Tarvon Marson

Male. 5'9". 155lb. Ash-blonde hair. Clean-shaven. Blue eyes. Late 20s.


Human Priest of the Sovereign Host. Healer and undead cleanser.


Tarvon is a young adventuring priest of the Host who travels Eberron with his boon companion Eben Frostmantle. His calling to the priesthood let him see much of the world while serving as a chaplain for the Cyran forces during the Last War. When the Mourning happened, he was far away in Aundair; attached to Eben’s company of heavy infantry. Since then he considers himself to be a homeless and itinerant priest, walking the earth righting wrongs.

He and Eben met another party of adventurers in Aerenal and teamed up briefly to round up some Bronzewood poachers in the Jaelarthal Orioth (The Moonsword Jungle) outside of Shae Mordai (The City of the Dead). This was largely in exchange for their help in transporting these adventurers downriver to the coast after their own escapade in the city.

Tarvon Marson

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