Saavaarik Blightscale

Green dragon, features unknown.


Saavaarik Blightscale was a green dragon artificer of great renown during the Age of Giants. He took the giant artificers under his wing and taught them weaponcraft as an illustration of arcane philosophy. When the giants predictably abused this knowledge and used it to wage wars and subjugate “lesser” races, Saavaarik was furious. His anger was twofold. He raged at the giants for breaking his trust and at himself for his own naivety.

Already somewhat unstable, Blightscale’s eccentricity turned to madness. In his wrath, he crafted thirteen mighty weapons whose power was unrivaled by anything the giants had seen, or indeed would ever see. He deliberately bound each one to a significant and unknowable future event, sneering and cackling at the giants’ attempts to make them work in their favor.

A paragraph of the Draconic Prophecy was discovered to have been interpreted by Saavaarik Blightscale. Only fragments remain, but it is clear that the passage refers to the greatness/cataclysm(1) that will surround the rise of the thirteen(2).

  1. The draconic word used here encompasses great deeds both causing a cataclysm and in response to said devastation. The two concepts are inseparable.
  2. The thirteen refers to the Dragonmarks and the Great Weapons. Saavaarik makes no distinction and it is unclear as to whether or not the Draconic Prophecy does.

Saavaarik Blightscale

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