Nerissa Vale

Outcast Tiefling Hexblade



  • Young Tiefling Hexblade (prime)
  • Sold her shyness for power
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  • ? (trouble)


Regardless of how bad Nerissa thinks her life is, what she came from was far worse; what promises to eventuate in times to come may also force her to re-evaluate the status of her pre-teen years somewhat for the favourable.


Nerissa’s tale indeed begins before she was even conceived; her soon to be mother and father making their way in the shadow of the Lords of Dust and their dark towers, while all manner of creatures did all manner of things under the ground in the Dragon Below.

The Fort

Mirian and Hector Vale were as happy as people really could be living in the Demon Wastes. They had a place in one of the forts near the Khyber tunnels that miners and adventurers frequented on a semi-regular basis. Hector was a blacksmith making all manner of things required for the continued survival and economic stability of their fort; from arms and armour for travelers and guards to doorknobs, cutlery and hinges for the other civilians. Mirean was no idle housewife though, and kept herself busy in the kitchens and breweries, even taking care of a small fertile plot of land that yielded a particularly hardy kind of tuba. Needless to say, while it wasn’t a dream life, they had it well enough.

After a time Mirian became pregnant, and while the couple had been trying for some time, a number of things they noticed about the nature and circumstances of the conception gave them more than a few misgivings about it. Truly, the healers and apothecaries could give no reason for there to be any concern, but couldn’t explain the nightmarish fever-dreams Mirian would have on a regular basis, or the bizarre cravings she would have when awake, nor Hector’s seeming sterility for the years beforehand. After talking with the fort commander and the resident vassal of The Host, they decided to leave for Breland to avoid passing what taint the land had to their child.

They were too late.

The Journey





During her earlier years, Nerissa didn’t know what she would possibly need to hide. Her na├»vety was quickly drilled out by her mother though, and the reasons became readily apparent as she aged and developed.


From birth, her nature was clear for any to see. Nerissa’s eyes were like those of a cat, and a short, fleshy tail protruded from her rear. As she grew, fur became an issue that had to be dealt with on an almost daily basis. The worst, and most scarring ordeal, was having to file down her slowly developing fangs to avoid being noticed if she ever opened her mouth.


Close calls

Coming of Age

Things as they are before Nerissa’s 16th birthday are difficult; not due to her home life or work, but because the difficulty of hiding her nature from those around her has been increasing at a rate greater than her abilities of deception. The idle nature of the teenagers in the town make it even more difficult as she has to choose between antagonising the adults, or being singled out by the other youth.

Nerissa Vale

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