Eben Frostmantle

Male. 4'8". 210lb. Black hair. Black braided beard. Dark eyes. Scarred. Late 50s.


Dwarven Fighter.


Eben of the Frostmantle Clan left the Mror Holds at a young age to fight in the Last War. He signed on with a mercenary troop bound for Cyre, but swiftly found that he had a great deal of respect for the artisanship displayed by the people of that nation. Eben took an oath of citizenship and became a Cyran national. He made a name for himself in the Cyran Army, rising to the rank of Company Sargent thanks to his ground level leadership skills and also in no small part to his ability to stay alive through the worst of situations.

On the day of the Mourning, he and his platoon were in Aundair. Tarvon was his chaplain and field medic and they continue to fight back to back today!

Eben Frostmantle

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