The Flame Yet Burns.

But Thrane lies in ruin.

The Tyren repelled another attack, suffering only light damage in the process and minor casualties. A Warforged army is built and extracted from Dolurrh, ready for battle.

Kor ir’Wynarn, head of the Citadel (Breland’s special forces, spies, and royal guard) and brother to King Boranel says that he would only be able to accept Warforged into his command if they swear fealty to Breland. Instead, a missive is sent to each of the Five Nations, including the Cyran remnant in Breland. The message is simply that the army will be sworn into command of Thronehold with each nation having a share – a people’s army of Khorvaire unable to be turned against any nation by another.

With the paperwork being drafted, an ill wind blows from the north. Aundair and Thrane are both under serious threat by the enemy. Our heroes have the time and resources to adequately protect only one of these nations. Deciding that Thrane will be harder to defend and thus easier to retake, the Throneforged Army (as it will come to be known to the people by the efforts of the Korranberg Chronicle) marshals and marches to Passage and Fairhaven. They fend off a brutal series of attacks in a bloody campaign that lasts over a week.
Korranberg and Trolanport in Zilargo were both taken by enemy forces: The elemental shipyards, both air and sea, have been captured!

Thrane, however, is not forgotten. Our heroes head to Flamekeep to offer safe passage from the city before the enemy army assaults. Jaela Daran, the Keeper of the Flame, refuses to go with them. She says that it is her holy duty to tend the Silver Flame and that no force, neither supernatural nor mundane, can sway her from that charge.

Being somewhat more pragmatic, Cardinal Krozen and Queen Diani ir’Wynarn both consent to be whisked away to safety in Wroat.

Shortly after the Tyren escapes Thrane, the campaign begins… and ends.
The enemy razes Flamekeep! Barely one stone is left standing upon another when they finish their ruinous work. Through the dust and destruction, from beneath rubble and detritus, the Silver Flame burns on, reaching into the air and blazing with the same intensity it has always had.
Of Jaela Daran, there is no sign to be found.



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