Past, Present, and Future.

During the three weeks preceding the 8th of Sypheros, the Tyren and the Dragonfly were fitted with weaponry. The Tyren has a for’ard Lightning Emitter and has Elemental Cannon, two banks on each sides. The Dragonfly, a much smaller craft, has a single Elemental Cannon and mounts for heavy crossbows.

Alston d’Sivis began to assist the Zil resistance by flying over Zilargo and dropping supplies to the guerrillas on the ground.
Beyond that, he also focused all of his energy into using his Great Weapon in an attempt to write the future of Zilargo: Freedom. Through contact with Colonel Eldrean of the Resistance and the agent Mereia of the Trust, Alston determined that all across Zilargo, gnomes began to have amazing flashes of knowledge and inspiration that have started to allow them to, if not turn the tide, at least halt the enemy’s advance.
Most importantly, the Zil have hope!

On the 12th of Aryth a meeting at Thronehold was arranged for all 13 of the Great Weapon wielders. Due to the security provided, the opportunity was seized to sign into law the official existence of the Throneforged Army.
During the meeting of the wielders, much was made of the abstract abilities available to the Dragonmarked.
Ressan d’Ahvaar used his Scepter of Will to form a hive mind with his retinue and to subsume the entire being of the Quori spirit within his mind.
Deeria d’Deneith is now forever alert and awake, a tireless sentinel.
Deeria and Moira d’Kundarak, along with the writing powers of Alston, united to create a solid eastern front for Aundair – spy reports show that a twenty foot high wall constructed of earth, stone, and the bodies of warforged troops has linked the keeps within Aundair’s border.

Finally, realizing that Calvin “Cal” d’Medani should have the ability to detect anything he seeks, he used his Blade of Detection to locate The Divider. As Cal was opening his mouth to reveal its location, Hainsleigh drew forth The Divider from within his cloak and blasted Calvin across the room so forcefully that only the immediate attention of the Jorasco Dragonmarked Wielder was able to save his life!

“It would appear that master d’Medani has forced my hand somewhat. Thanks for the army, old chap.”

With those words and a polite smile, Hainsleigh tore a gap through space and disappeared.



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