Immortal Madness

Saavaarik's history revealed... somewhat.

On the first day of the month of Aryth, each and every one of the Great Weapon Wielders found themselves in a trance of memory. In their shared vision they were all members of the Council of Dragons in Argonnessen. In the council session, Saavaarik Blightscale, also known as Saavaarik the Mad, was railing at the council to heed his words.

They scoffed at and dismissed his warnings.

The Thirteen Wielders went with Saavaarik to his laboratory in the mountains where they were joined by Rhashaak. Together they witnessed the creation of the Great Weapons.
Disturbingly, Saavaarik altered the design of one or two of them based on what they looked like from a time in the future fifty thousand years after their creation.
He explained that, to him, there is no time…



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