Death and Destruction

Iren's Ire

Our heroes arrived in Port Verge with a need to learn of the mystery bidder from Prince Kolberkon’s auction.
After deliberately attracting all the wrong kinds of attention from the Diresharks, they finally found themselves face to face with Garrick Sattler, formerly of the Order of Rekkenmark (dishonorably discharged for rape and torture), who gave them the chance to prove themselves by killing Nathanon Khybereyes.
Once at his crude hut along the beach, Nathanon told our intrepid crew that they would not leave with his head unless they offered as payment to his canopic jar one pint of heart’s blood, two fingers, and an eye.
Karik d’Lyrandar accepted a hollow needle into his chest and a pint of blood was drained from his beating heart.
Alston d’Sivis allowed Nathanon to remove his ring finger and pinky from his left hand with a pair of rather sharp gardening shears.
Nuada d’Orien sacrificed his left eye to the tiefling’s scooping device, the retinal nerve severed by Khybereyes’ razor claws.
Once the payment had been made, the seer clawed out his own khyber-shard eyes, dropped them into the jar, and then bent his head for Nuada to remove cleanly with one strike of his blade. Nathanon’s blood mixed with the payment and his own eyes. A thick purple smoke rose from the canopic jar before subsiding.

Our heroes returned his eye-less head to Sattler and were given membership to the Diresharks. They staged an ambush, using Jevresh’ thrall as the attacker and saved Prince Kolberkon. Though immortal from a payment from his auction, the Prince was nonetheless extremely grateful and admitted the heroic group into his throne room for an audience at dawn. There they were inducted into the Prince’s Guard and allowed to roam freely within the mansion.
Using this to its greatest advantage, the adventurers scoured the manor for information, eventually breaking into a records room and copying a few books and an arcane crystal by Alston’s Blade of Scribing.

It was discovered that the mysterious bidder was using the name “Zarroth” and that the items he won were listed as an “ancient battlefist with manifest emitter” and an “Architects’ Divider” capable of separating anything into its literal or figurative constituent parts.
“Zarroth” gave payment to Prince Kolberkon in the form of a promise that he would “bring Khorvaire to its knees.”
“Zarroth’s” face was glimpsed in a recording of the auction. It was a porcelain mask of the face of Iren, the Crown Prince and Heir to the throne of Cyre.

Alston d’Sivis also learned that despite their failure to obtain Great Weapons at the auction, Prince Kolberkon re-entered negotiations with Sarah and the Emerald Marshal, each acting on behalf of their respective mistress.

On their return to Karrnath our bold heroes reported their findings to Koleb d’Tharashk in the Tower of the Twelve. After a short discussion, it was decided that “Zarroth” could quite easily be Prince Iren ir’Wynarn, as no-one has seen him since the Day of Mourning.
During this discussion, Karik d’Lyrandar felt someone else drawing upon the power of his Dragonmark to create a storm to cover the sky. He put a stop to the intrusion and everyone dashed for the 13th floor where Karik felt the presence of the interloper.
There they encountered the robed and hooded figure wearing a immaculate porcelain mask precisely mapped to the face of Prince Iren of Cyre!

Iren had a rod with him, topped with a giant khyber shard amalgamation. A shot was taken at him, but it glanced away from a barrier of the invisible variety.
Jevresh d’Cannith shouted at him “What are you doing?
To which Prince Iren replied “What I was born to do – WIN THE WAR!
With that, he used the rod to pull a siberys shard from the sky big enough to destroy a city.
If not for the timely intervention by Jevresh drawing upon the souls of his countrymen and women, the siberys shard would likely have eradicated Korth!
As it was, much of the city burned. Our heroes set to grim work that day, saving as many as they could. Swooping from the sky in Alston’s Dragonfly, using the Mark of Storm in conjunction with Karik’s Great Weapon to cause a torrential rain to put out all but the hottest of the fires.
Without their efforts, Korth would have been in far worse state. One third of the population survive and most of the stone and some of the wooden structures are intact.

While Prince Iren used a pre-prepared ritual to punch a hole inelegantly through space, Nuada was able to attune to his own Great Weapon and get a good idea of where he arrived: Somewhere in southern Breland, between Sharn, Flint Keep, and the ruins of Yarkuun Draal.

Iren’s closing words were these: “Your city survives to fight again. But this is not the last.



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