Conflict in Breland!

Delaying the inevitable?

On the twelfth day of Rhaan, one thousand and two years after the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar, the mighty city of Sharn was ravaged again. Thanks to the mercy of the Host above, or perhaps due to some sinister plot, the City of Towers remains largely intact.
It is occupied by thousands of warforged and that same army sent an expeditionary force toward Wroat on the Lightning Rail, only to have it stopped by the efforts of a handful of heroes aboard the the Tyren, an airship captained by Karik d’Lyrandar.
He and his companions spent some time in conference with Duke Kor ir’Wynarn, brother to King Boranel the First.
Jevresh d’Cannith also spent some time with Nuada d’Orien and Alston d’Sivis speaking to Hainsleigh d’Cannith at the Cannith Enclave in Wroat before boarding the Tyren and sailing towards the Mournland.

Woodsmen and trappers near Wroat report seeing unsettling things within the King’s Forest. Their claims are as yet unsubstantiated, but include sightings of oaken warforged slipping silently through the undergrowth.



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