Argent Brook Dinner Soiree

Kenjin and Berala Charette d’Orien are hosting a small gathering to be held at the Argent Brook Estate (Now razed by fiery attack).

Their guest list is as follows:

  • Sauvign d’Sivis – Editor-in-chief of the Aundair branch of the Korranberg Chronicle. (Male gnome)
  • Carina d’Vadalis – Breeder and trainer of champion magebred horses. (Female human)
  • Vanson d’Kundarak – President of the Fairhaven Kundarak Bank. (Male dwarf)
  • Irielle d’Phiarlan – Coloratura. Prima soprano of the Royal Aundair Opera Society. (Female elf)
  • Shana d’Tharashk- Seeker of Dragonshards using new scrying techniques. (Female half-orc)
  • Hakim d’Ghallanda – Maestro of pastry. Khorvaire-renowned chef. (Male halfling)
  • Kenth ir’KenthiMurdered by a shapechanging warforged. Powerful lord in southern Aundair. Prior owner of Glorious Radiance. (Male human)
  • Cardinal Merrin – Ambitious and progressive Bishop of the Silver Flame. (Male Human)
  • Karik d’Lyrandar – Bearer of the Blade of Storms. Airship pilot and celebrity. (Male khoravar)
  • Jevresh Highthorn d’Cannith – Escaped the Mourning. Politically ambitious curiosity. (Male human)
  • Alston d’Sivis – Gnomish tinkerer. Well known for work within the Zil artifice scene. (Male gnome)



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