A Pirate's Life

Piratical Interlude

Our story is put on hold for now, as we leave our heroes and instead bring you the wacky tale of a group of pirates. Now, these aren’t your mainstream marauders, nor your burgeoning buccaneers, and they most certainly are not the richest raiders.

No, we bring you to this boat, er…ship, to meet the Hobgoblin Gorthag, Captain of this fine coastal skiff, previous owner of an index finger, a thumb a pinky, a right eye. Missing several bits, with more than one story for how each was lost, but this isn’t the story of the past, nay, it is the tale of trip from the Coastal BoatShip Raider’s usual haunt of Mror Holds and Karrnath to the rugged Lhazaar Principalities. A yarn telling of the five of Gorthag’s crew who set out to become more the pirate than they had ever been before.

Sailing from Rekkenmark to the Pirate Stronghold of Port Verge, our new intrepid quasi-heroes! Squeaky the gnome, Blastwave the Warforged (and his Minion who henceforth shall be ignored),



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