A New Age Begins

The Draconic Prophecy Shattered!

At the height of conflict, The Dread Pirate Karik used himself as a focus and channeled the combined might of all the Dragonmarks into the Draconic Prophecy itself!
The Prophecy shattered like spun glass and the fallout is as yet not completely known.
What is known however, is that the enemy force was greatly diminished and that action against the opposing armies became more fruitful over the following months.
No further attacks on cities were successful and the Five Nations gathered speed and started to repel the enemy in earnest.

Khorvaire lapsed into another uneasy peace, knowing now just how fragile that peace truly was. Nations have withdrawn into themselves to lick their wounds and the Thranite refugees have headed back into their ravaged lands.
The Dragonmarked Houses have reeled from the blow to their power and many branches have shut their doors to business all over the continent.

Dark forces shift within the dust and shadows, eager to insinuate themselves deep within the foundations of renewal…



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