Welcome to the Dragonmarked Campaign.

After the events of the last game, Khorvaire is recovering from the devastating impact of the warforged legions commanded by Hainsleigh Morvan d’Cannith (publicly known to the world as Prince Iren ir’Wynarn).
As we enter a new age, without either the constraint or security of the Draconic Prophecy, the Khorvese people are getting on with their lives once more.

As we begin the game, the PCs will be playing village teens from a tiny self-sufficient village called Forest’s Edge in Breland. They will place their feet upon the path to heroism and develop their reputations and potential while protecting their homes from banditry and sundry riled up by the stirring of the latest conflict.
(This is a level one game, with the PCs not yet having attained heroic status. All the PCs must be teenagers who have been raised, if not born, in Forest’s Edge.)

Later, we will witness the actions of a company of inquisitives in the mighty city of Sharn. We will watch as they accept work and stumble into trouble while trying to stay alive and fulfill the tasks set by their clients.
(This is a level five game, with each of the PCs as a member of an inquisitive firm in Sharn. Each will have, if not necessarily an equal share, at least a share in the company itself.)

Finally, for now, we will see the adventure and daring escapades carried out by a squad of agents of the Citadel. King’s Shadows and Dark Lanterns, acting under a royal mandate to carry out espionage and counter-espionage for Breland!
(This is a level nine game and the PCs will be loyal Brelish citizens sworn to protect King and country.)


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